265 Common Performance Issues
1712 Specific Behavior Descriptions
1701 "Why it's a problem" statements
1335 Measurable Performance Expectations
4017 "Success Behavior" Descriptions
Discussion Plan Document
Success Plan Documentation

90% of leaders say dysfunctional behavior has become acceptable in the workplace.*

Are you prepared for these conversations?
Having a jerk at work. Office Conflicts. Personality Clashes. Bad Attitudes. Personal Hygiene Issues. Poor Workplace Manners. Mean-Spirited Employees. Prima Donnas.

Performance eSource Inc. is in the business of helping managers build high performance work groups through effective hiring and performance management. Our products and services were developed by managers for managers.

quick2coach helps you be more pro-active in providing feedback. Our behavior description wizard builds the "what to say and how to say it" performance improvement conversation.

We have the tools to help you HIRE and COACH your most valuable asset – people.

Performance Coaching - You know you should but... you don't...

According to talent management research*
Managers spend 42% of their time dealing with employee issues
33% of managers reported they lacked the skills to effectively manage other people
82% of the time managers fail to provide appropriate feedback and documentation
  1. Managers are promoted because of their technical competencies.
  2. Managers aren't properly trained in what to say, how to say it or how to document performance issues.
  3. A manager's role requires being an individual contributor AND a manager of people.
  4. Time and resources have become very limited.

quick2coach is the tool for you. We take the dread out of delivering performance feedback

*Blanchard Group, Leadership Quarterly, NIACR and Right Management Consultants